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Your Pfida home: no debt, no interest 

Whether you want to save with us or buy a home with us, we’re on your side. No debt. No interest.
Just great benefits.

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Peace ✌ – say hello to our new look! We’ve (re)branded from Primary Finance, what do you think?
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Our products

Introducing the future of finance.

An ethical and fairer way to manage your money.
About us

Our new ethical solution.

Join us on the journey to a fairer, ethical world of finance that gives back to society.
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For the people.

We believe banking and finance should be fair and equitable for all. By creating a shariah-compliant solution, free of debt and interest, we know we’ve found something that works for everyone.
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Grow-Your-Savings with Pfida.

Use our handy calculator to see how much extra you could grow your savings by investing in a Pfida savings account.
How much do you want to invest?
Save with Pfida
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Your expected annual profit rate could be:
Include net benefit savings
Net benefit savings include the savings made through zakat exemptions. Zakat is a duty that Muslims have to donate a certain proportion of their wealth each year to charitable causes. Investments utilised in any of our Grow-Your-Savings accounts are zakat exempt.
*This calculator helps provide a rough estimate and should only be used as guidance. Register and log in now to find out more about our accounts.
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Our tech

Your money. Your control.

Have full control over how your money works for you through your account. Click a few buttons, let our tech do the rest for you.
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That’s not all.

Here’s a glimpse into some other features and products we offer:
Rental discounts

Get rewarded with more equity by meeting your chosen monthly target.

Equity buffer

Trade your equity to cover your rent if you’re facing financial difficulty.

Flexible monthly payments

Change your monthly payments, whether it be your equity amount or opting to pay rent only.

Customer stories

Don’t take our word for it.

See what our customers have to say about their experience with us.