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GYS Home eligibility criteria

Looking to grow your deposit or accelerate your home buying journey? Here’s what you need to know to qualify for GYS Home savings accounts.

Finance requirements

Minimum opening investment of £1,000

Personal requirements

Green tic The minimum age requirement is 18 years old
Green tic Be based in the UK or have a UK home address if currently working abroad
Green tic You must have a UK bank account
Green tic You must have the funds available and showing in the your bank account when you apply
Green tic If you wish to invest gifted funds, the individual gifting the funds will need to sign a gift declaration form and will need to provide bank statements showing the source of funds
Green tic We can only accept investments from specified investor types. Click here to find out more
Green tic We only accept payment via electronic funds transfer
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Green tic We do not accept joint applicants
Green tic We do not accept payments from international bank accounts
Green tic We do not accept people who appear on peps or sanctions lists – individuals subject to international sanctions
Green tic We do not accept individuals with high cash in hand revenue

Application requirements

  • You will need to provide photo ID – this can be a passport or driving license
  • You will need to provide a video of yourself for identity verification purposes
  • You will need to provide proof of funds in your bank account
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Don’t live in the UK?

We hope to serve citizens of other EU countries in the future, and eventually the rest of the world.