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A charity savings account providing more than just financial returns

As well as market-leading returns, your funds help reduce debt-related poverty and increase financial inclusion within the community. A savings account to fit your charity’s vision – ethically and socially responsible.

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Property-backed with great returns.

A treasury management facility to ethically grow your reserves and endowments and create real social impact. Designed with impact at the forefront, put your surplus funds to work whilst meeting your own charitable objectives.

Our asset-backed structure gives you direct rights over the underlying assets; the strongest security possible.

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Flex or Growth?

Find out which one’s right for you.
Minimum investment
Expected annual profit rate

Dividends are paid on a monthly basis. The expected annual profit rate represents the total effective return you would achieve over one year if your monthly target dividends were reinvested. These rates are based on monthly target returns of 4.89% and 5.84% per annum respectively.

Minimum notice of withdrawal

For withdrawal amounts up to £500,000.

3 months
3 months*
Charity admin fees

*For withdrawal amounts greater than £500,000, an additional 3 months is required for each lot of £500,000.

How your funds are used.

Your investment is solely used to purchase properties for our home finance customers. Your funds are ring-fenced in a bankruptcy-remote entity known as Pfida Finance PLC. 

This entity is owned directly by you and other account holders, placing asset-backed security into your hands.

How we look after your funds. 

We have multiple mechanisms in place to look after your charity investment. As a shareholder in Pfida Finance PLC:

  • You have an ultimate right over each property owned by it as well as the right to a share of any profits made by this company
  • You are protected from any other higher-risk activities Pfida might undertake through other entities
  • You are not exposed to the wider operational risks of the business of Pfida
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Your investment journey with Pfida.

  1. You open an account and receive shares in Pfida Finance PLC
  2. Your investment is used only to finance homes
  3. You get a share of the profit through your monthly dividends
  4. Track your returns in our web app
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Save with Pfida, invest in the community.

Investing with us allows you to support a real social purpose, by helping aspiring homeowners and alleviating debt – and interest-related poverty. Providing you with much more than just financial returns.
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The performance of your investment is subject to the performance of the underlying property finance agreements and the security and insurance held over them. As the portfolio grows, your investment spans over a larger number of properties, diversifying your risk.

Since we offer our share of properties to customers at the original cost, this should not directly impact your investment.

Due to our innovative equity buffer feature, customers can pay using their equity in times of need. We have calculated, our average customer has seven years of equity buffer available. This minimises the risk of defaults, as reflected in our clean sheet track record.

We recommend giving a minimum of 3 months’ notice for amounts below £500,000, or 6 months’ for higher amounts. We hold liquid reserves to cater for these requests, however, they may be subject to raising replacement capital first.

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